Latest WT Article is infuriating!

Sometimes the organization puts out something so infuriating, you can’t help but need to talk about it. In the latest WT article, The Bible-Accurate in all Respects the org uses three lines of “evidence” to make their point: scientific accuracy, prophecy, and answers to life’s big questions.

First, we all know how the organization uses science in the Bible. They cherry pick an isolated verse, typically in a book that is strongly poetic and figurative, and then insist that it proves something. We have all heard the “circle of the earth” line of reasoning ad nauseam. Essentially, when a piece of a verse happens to line up with modern science, they claim that it must be literal. Yet, when it doesn’t, they claim it is just figurative. It would be like me making ten bold predictions about the future and when one of them come true, just say that I was just kidding with the other nine. But the one I got right, proved I can tell the future.

I actually kind of like the art direction on this one…

Interestingly, they did not go to the circle of the earth argument. Instead, they use part of Elihu’s response to Job in Job 36, to show God understands the water cycle before anyone else. Oh and then they belittle meteorologists for not completely understanding it. The problem here is that the verse does not offer any complex or new idea. It lays out where rain comes from and while I am no expert on Bronze Age science, I think that is something Moses could have pieced together on his own.

The second science example they use might be a bit more familiar. It is from Psalms and reads “Your eyes even saw me as an embryo; all its parts were written in your book.” Then the article implies that this small quote shows God understands the complexities of genetics and how babies are formed. The writers of this WT that “book” must mean genetic code, although how they take this step is unclear. Again, bronze age people understood that traits were largely inherited and not a result of your subsequent environment. Again, the bible writer is making a casual basic observation about the life around them and WT is dancing around trying to pretend it is some grand scientific statement. These writers are not saying anything that couldn’t be observed by their own eyes.

102017086_univ_cnt_4_lgThe second line of reasoning is prophecy. Now, they could have gone in lots of directions with this one, as fulfilled prophecy is a mainstay of literature and talk outlines. As this is a front facing magazine, they go with one many would be familiar with, Cyrus and the fall of Babylon. These seems awfully convincing until you realize that we don’t have a copy of Isaiah that was written before the prophesy was supposedly fulfilled. In fact, the earliest complete copy of Isaiah is from several centuries after. So that doesn’t prove anything. Most scholars agree that later copyist could have easily added or altered parts of those books to make it seem like they were inspired by God. It sure is easy to write a prophesy well after the events eh?

The last line of reasoning is probably the most enticing to newcomers to the organization and it is that the bible provides “answers” to life’s big questions. I think we have all seen new studies impressed that witnesses seem to have answers for everything. Just don’t think about those answers to hard or question them. There was a poster here on this sub 102017086_univ_cnt_8_lgthat once confronted a CO with the idea that all religion is an exercise in avoid unpleasant truths, like death and the concluding questions in this article attempt to address those. Where else than the bible will you get information about where you go when you die or the purpose of life? Maybe you just die. But boy is that unpleasant to think about, especially if your life has been hard or you have lost someone close to you. Cedar’s has mentioned on occasion how the loss of his mother pulled him back into the organization for several more years. That pull is strong. How many of us know friends or relatives in the organization that are basically just waiting to die, so they they can be reunited in paradise with dead ones. The organization exploits those desires into loyalty. Sure, I will provide a way for you to get everything you want, all you have to do is obey me without question for the rest of your life. And sadly, so many are willing to make that deal.

These kind of article are dangerous. They present the bible and the organization as the sole means to happiness and fulfilment. They prey on humanities best desires and turn them into mindless slaves for an organization that his heartless and cruel.

But, on the bright side, the pictures are all pretty neat!

I am choosing not to link to the article directly, but you can find it pretty easily from the front page.


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