Unprecedented Times for the Organization

The organization is changing rapidly and while some people, even with the org itself, like to claim it has always been evolving, this is different. New light is coming at an incredible pace. Technology, once the boogyman, is now an pushed down everyones throats. The Watchtower has been completely rebranded into JW.ORG. Gone of the days of attempting to get into deep scholarly debates withe bible students. Simplicity is now the goal. Nearly every trace of the old faith has been reworked or retooled.

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A Broader View of Watchtower’s Decline

Like many of you here, I thoroughly enjoy reading and discussing the various factors that are leading to the organizations demise. From anecdotes and deep personal experiences to the ARC and official JW.BORG statistics, I often marvel that an organization that seemed so robust a few decades ago is so rapidly declining. Yet, I think it sometimes valuable to take a step back and discuss some of the wider national and global current that have a massive impact on Watchtower and organized religion as a whole. One area that fascinates me immensely is how the wider economic system affects the organization and contributes or hampers its growth. Continue reading “A Broader View of Watchtower’s Decline”