I Never Stopped Dreaming

For those of us who are born-in in to the religion or who have spent considerable time in it, there are a very specific set of traits and skills you develop. For some of us, we are no longer afraid of public speaking like the majority of people. We also tend to be able to communicate fairly well with people of different age groups. Continue reading “I Never Stopped Dreaming”


The RBCs Place in JW Society

A lot has been said about how the RBC was a major financial driver in JW ecosystem. This has been especially true in the past few decades as the organization transitioned out of the publishing business and into a real estate driven business model. Free labor can really make things profitable quickly. Continue reading “The RBCs Place in JW Society”

Abandoning Incrementalism

With all the recent discussions about technology at the meetings and the RC, I was reminded of a discussion I had many years ago with one of my political science professors at university. We discussed how the American political system had been created by its founders to be built on the notion of incrementalism, that even the greatest accomplishments would have to be made in small steps. While frustrating for those seeking progress, it also preventing the country to get wrapped up in a temporary fervor that would derail the entire nation. Of course, there have been, at least in American history, a number of exceptions to that idea, but in general it has held true. The gradual nature of the change has created significant stability, which has tremendous positive implications both domestically and internationally. Continue reading “Abandoning Incrementalism”

Removing all Coping Mechanisms

We all know that the vast majority of JW faithful find certain aspects of their service to be completely unbearable, whether they would admit it or not. Because of this, certain coping mechanisms have developed over the years and have really become unwritten social norms for many. It is how they reconcile their guilt with their own distaste for what is asked of them. What I find fascinating is that the GB in recent years has done everything in its power to stamp out those coping mechanisms so non uber-zealous among JWs are either forced to become inactive or apply a veneer of activity. Continue reading “Removing all Coping Mechanisms”

Unprecedented Times for the Organization

The organization is changing rapidly and while some people, even with the org itself, like to claim it has always been evolving, this is different. New light is coming at an incredible pace. Technology, once the boogyman, is now an pushed down everyones throats. The Watchtower has been completely rebranded into JW.ORG. Gone of the days of attempting to get into deep scholarly debates withe bible students. Simplicity is now the goal. Nearly every trace of the old faith has been reworked or retooled.

Continue reading “Unprecedented Times for the Organization”